Who we are

Entra is one of Norway's leading real estate companies. We are an Industry leader in developing and managing energy efficient buildings. Our portfolio consists of flexible and environmentally friendly, high-quality office buildings in central locations close to public transportation hubs.

Key facts

As of Q2 2018

Portfolio market value of
NOK billion
We own and manage
million sqm
We own
Our occupancy rate is
Our lease contracts have on average
years remaining lease term
Public sector represents
of our customers

About Entra

Entra’s business concept is to develop, let and manage attractive and environmentally friendly premises as well as exercising active portfolio management through the purchase and sale of properties.

Entra’s strategy is to deliver profitable growth in the four largest cities in Norway by offering flexible, environmentally friendly office premises close to public transportation hubs.

Entra’s strategic areas of concentration are Oslo and the surrounding region, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

Our subsidiaries and partly owned companies include Papirbredden Eiendom AS, Hinna Park Eiendom ASOslo S Utvikling, Sundtkvartalet Holding AS, Entra OPF Utvikling AS and Oslo City Parkering AS.

Entra was established on 1 July 2000 following a decision by the Norwegian parliament to spin-off the office building activity of Statsbygg.

Geographic exposure

Entra’s strategic areas of concentration are Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and the Oslo region. Market value of the investment portfolio as of Q3 2018.

Group management

Arve Regland is Entra's CEO. Group management consist of three women and four men.

See the full group management

The Board

Siri Hatlen is Chair of the Board in Entra.

See the full Board

Our values:
Innovative, Responsible, Hands-on and One team

Our values represent the driving force in Entra. They motivate us to deliver good results and guide us in how we work with customers and each other. Our aim is for our values to be in daily use and to provide guidance when we take decisions. 

World-class green buildings

Powerhouse Kjørbo in Sandvika was the first renovation project outside the UK awarded the BREEAM certification "Outstanding".

Buildings account for roughly 40% of the world's energy consumption. By reducing energy consumption the industry can move from being part of the problem to being part of the solution. In recent years Entra has strengthened its position as an industry leader in developing and managing energy efficient buildings. The company’s four most recently completed projects have an average energy consumption of 66 kWh/sqm.

Entra’s environmental work

Green Benefit Agreements

It should be profitable to choose environmentally friendly premises. Through our Green Benefit Agreements we assist our customers in investing in energy saving measures, resulting in lower shared costs for our customers and increased quality of our building.We cooperate in order to find environmentally sensible solutions with gains for both the tenant and the environment.


Read more on Green Benefit agreements

Urban development

Entra creates urban areas that are attractive, inclusive and enjoyable for those who live and work there.

Learn more about Entra’s contribution to urban development

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

HSE is our most important priority. Many people work in our buildings and we have responsibility for a number of projects. We actively work to avoid and prevent undesirable events.

HSE and ethics in Entra

Universal Design

Entra believes that it is very important that the workplace is designed so that everyone can participate in work life, irrespective of any disability.  Therefore we take Universal Design seriously.

Our work on Universal Design

Main partner for Ridderrennet

Entra is proud of being the main partner for Ridderrnnet since 2000.  Ridderrennet is more than just a sponsorship for Entra. Entra’s employees participate voluntarily and through Entra’s “Unge Ridder” grants we contribute to motivating more people in their impressive, focused efforts in everyday life.

Read more about the cooperation

Urban development with The Church City Mission

Entra works with The Church City Mission on a common plan for positive urban development. Together we wish to tackle the social challenges in urban districts, with the objective of creating a safer and better local environment.

Read more about the cooperation

Working in Entra

Entra is a professional organization with the ambitions to attract and retain the best people, and provide opportunities for development. If you are customer and business oriented, diligent, like challenges and working in a positive, enthusiastic and skilled environment, Entra may be the right place for you.

Meet our colleagues and see vacant positions

Group management


Arve Regland

Position: CEO

Mail: arve.regland@​entra.no

Phone: +47 479 07 700

Birth year: 1972

Employed: 2014

Education: MSc in Business, BI Norwegian Business School, and State authorized auditor, Norwegian School of Economics

No of shares: 52,087


Anders Olstad

Position: CFO

Mail: anders.olstad@​entra.no

Phone: +47 900 22 559

Birth year: 1967

Employed: 2015

Education: Master of Business, Insead. Royal Norwegian Navy Academy

No of shares: 40,379


Sonja Horn

Position: EVP Property Management

Mail: sonja.horn@​entra.no

Phone: +47 905 68 456

Birth year: 1973

Employed: 2013

Education: MSc in Business, BI Norwegian Business School

No of shares: 21,662


Per Ola Ulseth

Position: EVP Project Development

Mail:  poul@​entra.no

Phone:  +47 982 10 500

Birth year: 1966

Employed: 2018

Education: Master in Technology Management, both from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

No of shares: 0


Åse Lunde

Position: EVP Digital & Business Development

Mail:  ase.lunde@​entra.no

Phone:  +47 928 48 318

Birth year: 1973

Employed: 2018

No of shares: 1,753


The board


Siri Hatlen



Board Chair from 2012

Birth year: 1957

Education: MSC (“Sivilingeniør”) degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), MBA INSEAD

Other board appointments:  Chair in Teknologirådet og Universitetsstyret for NBMU, Bane NOR SF og DNT Oslo and omegn. Board member in Nobels fredssenter, Eksportkreditt Norge AS, Norsk Bremuseum, Fjord1 ASA, Medi3 AS and Magnus Invest AS.

No of shares: 1,163


Kjell Bjordal

Deputy Chair


Board member from 2012

Birth year: 1953

Education: Business degree from Norwegian School of Economics, further studies in law at Oslo University and business at Wharton Business School

Other board appointments: Chair in Norsk Landbrukskjemi AS, BC SPV II AS, Axess Holding AS, Axess AS, Sparebank 1 SMN, Broodstock Capital Partners AS, Nordlaks Oppdrett AS, Nordlaks Produkter AS, Smolten AS. Board member in BC SPV I AS

No of shares: 44,704



Widar Salbuvik

Board member


Board member from 2016

Birth year: 1958

Education: Siviløkonom from Norwegian School of Economics

Other board appointments: Chair in Breiangen AS, Asset Buyout Partners AS/Asset Buyout Partners Invest AS, HR-Gruppen AS, Herøya Næringspark AS, Hotell Refsnes Gods AS, Sabar AS, Vindsteg AS, Sameie Skoggata, Refsnes Gods Eiendom AS. Board member in Bjørnøen AS, Kings Bay AS, Havfonn AS, Hitec Vision, Zeiner Gruppen AS, Skolt Holding AS, Kvernhuset AS, View Software AS, Storstein  AS

No of shares: 10,000


Ingrid Dahl Hovland

Board member


Board member from 2017

Position: CEO of Nmi AS

Birth year: 1959

Education: MSC (“Sivilingeniør”) degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Management Programme from Business Colding Institute/ INSEAD

Other board appointments: Deputy Chair in Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF.

No of shares: 0


Katarina Staaf

Board member


Board member from 2016

Birth year: 1967

Education: BSc Economics from University of Gothenburg

Other board appointments: Fastpartner AB, Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning, Sensys Gatso Group AB, Sjätte AP-fonden

No of shares: 500


Linnea Scharning

Employee representative


Board member from 2018

Birth year: 1988

Position in Entra: Operations Manager

Education: Studies in Ecology and Natural Resources, University of South-Eastern Norway

No of shares: 0


Erling Nedkvitne

Employee representative


Board member from 2018

Birth year: 1962

Position in Entra: Category Manager

Education: Msc degree from University of Glasgow, Business Administration candidate from BI Norwegian Business school

No of shares: 9,384

Corporate social responsibility

Entra is committed to operate in accordance with responsible, ethical and sound business principles.

Entra maintains a close dialogue with its main stakeholder groups. Such dialogue with customers, suppliers, employees, owners, authorities, research communities and other industry participants is fundamental to Entra’s CSR work. We believe that partnership with others is important for making greater progress in our efforts to achieve a sustainable value chain. Entra, has identified the following three areas as core for making an important and positive contribution to society and for achieving a sustainable value chain:

• The environment

• Health, safety and environment (HES)

• Anti-corruption and business crime

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility 2017

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility 2016

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility 2015

Entra is an Industry leader in developing and managing energy efficient buildings

Entra’s objective is to be an Industry leader in developing and managing energy building and contribute contribute to reducing the sector's environmental footprint. Buildings account for approximately 40% of the world's energy consumption. By reducing energy consumption the sector can go from being a large part of the problem to becoming part of the solution.


Our goal is to be the real estate company that customers, investors and suppliers consider to be an Industry leader in developing and managing energy efficient building over time. Taking the environment into consideration is an important part of Entra’s strategy and practical work, and is expected to give the group a clear competitive advantage.

It should be profitable to choose environmentally friendly solutions both for Entra and for our customers. Customers who choose environmentally friendly buildings will have lower occupancy costs over time through, among other things, lower total energy costs.

Green Benefit agreements

The objective for Green Benefit agreements is to establish close cooperation between Entra and tenants in order to work towards environmentally sensible solutions. Work is carried out, for example, in areas such as energy consumption, waste handling and the choice of building materials with the least possible environmental impact.

In a Green Benefit agreement Entra undertakes to:

  • Identify opportunities for environmental measures in the building
  • Calculate the savings
  • Finance investment in such a manner that the tenant’s savings from the first day are greater than the cost of paying down the measure

The tenant undertakes to:

  • Prioritise environmental aspects
  • Take into account the environmental burden in evaluating its use of the premises
  • Together with Entra review the environmental status and follow-up of measures

Contact Entra’s Customer Centre for more information on a Green Benefit agreement.

World-class environmental buildings

Entra develops energy efficient buildings, whether new buildings or refurbishments of existing properties.

Read more about:

Powerhouse Kjørbo
Fredrik Selmersvei 4
Papirbredden 2
Brattørkaia 15

Entra’s four latest environmental projects have combined created additional value of NOK 80 million.

Low-energy consumption

Energy consumption is the single most important factor in evaluating the environmental impact of commercial buildings. Energy consumption accounts for around 94 per cent of Entra’s total carbon footprint and for several years Entra has worked to reduce energy consumption in the property portfolio.

In 2015 energy consumption in Entra’s property portfolio was 155 KWh/m2. In comparison energy figures from Enova show that the sectors average energy consumption amounted to 212 KWh/m2 in 2014.

Environmental requirements on suppliers

Entra requires in its contracts that important suppliers are environment certified or have established an environment strategy. Suppliers which do not meet these requirements must undertake to establish an environment strategy within six months from the beginning of the contract. Entra considers terminating supplier relationships where this requirement is not satisfied.

Urban development

Entra aims to contribute to urban developments to the benefit of those who live and work there. Our objective is to create urban districts in our strategic core areas that are attractive, inclusive and accessible for residents.

  • In the case of new projects and buildings, urban development, the environment and a pleasant atmosphere occupy central roles in planning.
  • In the case of refurbishments of existing buildings, work is carried out from both a preservation and a renewal perspective.
  • Entra is an important promoter of the view that urban areas should be planned for the effective development of public transport and increased provision for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Cultural monuments in Entra’s buildings are protected in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Entra has a good dialogue with partners and competitors in areas where urban development work is carried out.
  • We are concerned about the local environment and involve neighbours, local politicians and others who live or work in our urban development areas in our new new-build and refurbishment projects. This involvement can include neighbourhood meetings, neighbourhood letters, open meetings, information to the local press and a one-to-one dialogue with selected target groups.

Examples of urban development areas where Entra is an important contributor are Sandvika, Helsfyr and Tøyen in Oslo, Brattørkaia in Trondheim and Papirbredden in Drammen.

HSE and ethics


Entra’s ambition is that it should always be safe to work in our buildings. No one should be exposed to injury or illness as a result of faults in Entra’s working environment.

HSE is our most important priority. Many people work in our buildings and we have responsibility for a number of projects. Our first thought must always be to remove the risk that injuries can occur. This is a personal responsibility. Reporting of undesired incidents, a focus on injury potential, increased training and the ability to promote HSE as a clear management responsibility, are areas on which we focus.

Entra’s work on HSE consists of:

  • Increased commitment to HSE internally and externally
  • Clear requirements on suppliers
  • Condition analysis and risk report on all properties
  • Employee rights and social conditions



  • Ethical guidelines: Entra has developed ethical guidelines with which all employees are familiar. All employees confirm annually that they are aware of the contents of Entra’s ethical guidelines and undertake to observe them. Exercises are carried out regularly.
  • Human rights: Entra is against all forms of discrimination. The subject of human rights is particularly relevant in relation to employee rights with Entra’s suppliers. 


  • Requirements in contracts and communicated on contract signature.
  • Entra’s guidelines for socially responsible purchasing place requirements on our suppliers to observe laws and rules on corruption, employee conditions and taxes and duties. The purchasing procedures are clear and we carry out regular courses for employees.

Ethical rules in Entra

Entra’s guidelines for socially responsible purchasing

Universal Design

Entra believes that it is very important that the workplace is designed so that everyone can participate in working life irrespective of any disability. Therefore we take Universal Design seriously.

Universal Design respects the diversity among people and is a strategy for including everyone in all of life's phases and activities. It means designing surroundings in such a manner that they take into account people's physical differences, including the needs of people with disabilities.

The regulations on Universal Design are a result of the Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Act that came into force in 2009.

The Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Act requires that existing buildings that are open to the public should be accessible by everyone, but no deadline for implementation has been set. Entra’s objective is to be in the forefront in this area.

The obligations under Universal Design do not include measures that would be a disproportionate burden on a business and are therefore evaluated individually. In the case of new buildings and extensive refurbishments, Entra ensures that the requirements set out in TEK 10 are fully followed.

In Entra we have examined our existing property portfolio and work continuously to secure improved universal access to our buildings. Priority measures include the adjustment of heavy doors, the establishment of ramps and marking of glass areas to avoid collisions.

Entra also takes responsibility for Universal Design in the outside areas, entrance foyers, and common areas leading to a tenants premises. Here the tenant takes over responsibility in our existing buildings. In the case of new buildings and total refurbishments the requirements for Universal Design are taken into account.

Main partner for Ridderrennet 

Entra has been the main partner for the Ridderrennet event since 2000. Each year more than 500 disabled participants come to Beitostølen from Norway and abroad in order to participate in activities and competitions in downhill and cross country skiing, biathlon and snowboarding. The highlight is Ridderrennet Saturday when participants ski up to 20 km with their partners.

Each year some 30–40 Entra employees voluntarily participate in the Ridderrennet event at Beitostølen. The event enables Entra to learn more about the everyday challenges faced by the disabled, and Entra's employees obtain useful experience that is directly transferable to the Group’s continuing work on Universal Design.

Each day more than 30,000 people work in Entra’s office buildings. It is very important that the workplace is designed so that everyone can participate in working life irrespective of any disabilty.

Entra’s “Unge Ridder” grants

With the "Unge Ridder" grants it established in 2014, Entra wants to contribute to motivating more people in their impressive, focused efforts in everyday life. The grants result from the fact that Entra has been really impressed by the young and recently injured people who participate in Ridderrennet. Sudden illnesses, accidents or unexpected events can in a few seconds change a person's life. Harnessing one's strength to start again, to begin training and gradually to take the steps back to everyday life, demand great respect.


The grants are intended as a motivation factor, not a prize for talent or performance. The recipients of Entra’s “Unge Ridder” grants have shown impressive efforts to motivate themselves and others during the Ridderrennet week, as well as in everyday life. Entra's "Unge Ridder" distinguish themselves in particular as good examples to others through Ridderrennet’s youth work. The winner is not necessarily the person on top of the podium at the giving, but perhaps someone who cheers the most for other participants, gives a helping hand to a friend or takes responsibility for motivating other young participants.

Partner with The Church City Mission

Entra’s work with The Church City Mission is intended to contribute to positive urban development. Through our cooperation we want to strengthen the constructive measures Kirkens Bymisjon is taking in connection with the social challenges in the cities covered by the agreement: Oslo and the surrounding region, Bergen and Trondheim.

For Entra the cooperation is part of our business strategy and our social responsibility commitment, in which the city environment is prominent. The part of the cooperation that covers the Oslo region will form part of a newly started “Neighbour cooperation”, which involves several companies in central Oslo/Bjørvika. The overall goal here is that the parties should create a safer and better local environment for everyone passing through the central Oslo/Bjørvika area.

The agreement means that Entra is the official partner of The Church City Mission in Oslo, and also supports The Church City Mission foundations in Bergen and Trondheim.

Working in Entra

Entra is a professional organization with ambitions to attract and retain the best people, to provide opportunities for development and to be known for its shared and united culture.

If you are customer and business oriented, diligent, like challenges and working in a positive, enthusiastic and skilled environment, Entra may be the right place for you.

Your development

Entra’s business concept and values provide guidelines for employee development. We are looking for employees who have the right expertise and are in a position to take responsibility and to develop, apply and share their knowledge.

Entra has processes for evaluation, target-setting, development and follow-up during the year. One of the development opportunities is the Entra School. Through Entra School employees are offered a broad range of courses and development programs within subjects such as HSE, introduction programs, real estate expertise, management development, customer handling and finance.

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How is it working at Entra?

See what our people think about their work day, and what it is like to work in Entra.

“I enjoy working in Entra due to the challenging tasks, the demanding and pleasant customers and not least my good colleagues.”

Name: Stig Hasselvold
Position: Operations Manager
Education: Technical College – building and civil engineering, real estate since 1990

Stine Hostad


“It is fun and enriching to work in a company where we have the expertise and opportunity to be involved in developing a large number of very good and relevant projects. My working day consists for the most part of developing Brattørkaia from an enclosed industrial site into a living city quarter. I find it inspirational to follow the various phases of the project and to work together with skilled and committed colleagues, partners, customers and public authorities.”

Name: Stine Hostad
Position: Head of Entra Trondheim
Education: Degree in market communication, real estate agency, with a specialization in innovation and management

Birthe Smedsrud Skeid


“I am fortunate to be able to follow a property purchase all the way from identification of an interesting property to operation and letting. Such a process requires cooperation internally as well as with various external advisers. The fact that Entra has the capacity and expertise to change an entire city quarter through purchases and development of major properties makes the job extra exciting.”

Name: Birthe Smedsrud Skeid
Position: Investment Analyst
Education: Degree in industrial economics, with a specialization in finance 

Mari Fjærbu Åmdal


“Together with my team I am responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of Entra’s properties in the far south of Norway. This gives me a lot of contact with our customers and the opportunity to work with many of Entra’s suppliers. It is a privilege to be part of Entra’s effort to be an environmental leader in the sector.”

Name: Mari Fjærbu Åmdal
Position: Technical Manager
Education: Degree in civil engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Gaute Dammen Tyssebotn


“In Entra I am involved in creating values right from the concept stage up to the time when a tenant is a satisfied user of one of our properties. I work with some beautiful properties and cooperate both with knowledgeable colleagues and exciting tenants. My position has an exciting split between following up existing tenants and looking for new ones. No day is the same, but I enjoy each day as part of a skilled, focused and inclusive working environment.”

Name: Gaute Dammen Tyssebotn
Position: Property Manager
Education: Degree in law, Bergen/Oslo University with a specialization in real estate

Odmund Fintland


“I have never had a boring work day and there is a lot of variation in what I do. I am fortunate to be able to work with the best in the property sector, and I meet many interesting people, both in Entra and at our tenants. I really enjoy working in Entra with its goal to be an environmentally leading property company.”

Name: Odmund Fintland
Position: Operations and technical manager
Education: Electrical engineering qualification and economics studies. Additional education from Royal Norwegian Navy.


Purchasing in Entra

Entra wishes to act as a responsible purchaser, not only on our own behalf, but also on behalf of our customers and visitors in our buildings. Entra’s suppliers shall contribute positively to our customer's reputation.

Most of our supplier agreements can be used by our customers. In our purchasing activities we seek to establish competitive terms related to price, quality, service, etc. Central elements in our purchasing activities are social responsibility, ethical principles, HSE and the environment.

Entra’s guidelines for socially responsible purchasing

Entra's pruchsing practices are characterised by high ethical standards, competition and equally treatment of bidders. Supply contracts are subject to competition where all bidders are treated equally.

Contact person

Marius Breimo

Purchasing Manager

+47 91 51 54 43


Social responsibility is a natural part of Entra’s business and has considerable influence on our purchasing practices. Much of the value creation in Entra takes place through the development and operation of properties in close cooperation with our suppliers. Entra’s social responsibility is taken into account in the purchasing process, and in the goods and services that are bought. This means that industry-leading environmental considerations are taken into account both in production and in the finished product, that fundamental employee rights are respected, that suppliers have sound business operations and managed relationships with their sub-suppliers. Further information on this can be found in our document “Socially Responsible Purchasing”. Acceptance of this document is a condition for establishing an agreement with Entra, irrespective of whether this is a development project or the purchase of goods and services.

For vendors that would like to provide services to Entra, please contact Purchase Manager.

Read more on Entra’s environmental work


As part of our environmental profile Entra and associated subsidiaries use electronic invoicing. You can read about invoicing, and the requirements for invoice content, in our Implementation guide for e-invoices, which contains a list of all the group’s e-invoices addresses.

All invoices must as a minimum contain the following information:

  • The property’s address (name of Entra company)
  • The supplier’s name
  • The supplier’s organisation number (VAT)
  • The supplier’s account number
  • A description of the service/goods/assignment delivered
  • Approved signed timesheets (if applicable) 
  • Three letter code for invoice recipient in Entra (confer with the table further down the page)
  • For projects the project number must be given

Invoices that are missing the above mandatory information unfortunately cannot be considered and will be returned to the sender for completion.

Suppliers who are unable to send e-invoices can, during a transitional period, send invoices as PDFs to our electronic invoice reception at e-mail faktura@​entra.no.


Invoice recipients

Find three letter code for invoice recipients

Here you can easily find which three letter code to put as reference on your invoice in order to reach the correct recipient in Entra as quickly as possible.

Code Employee
AEI Astrid Eiterstraum
AFE Anastasia Fedotoava
AGL Anne Grethe Lotsberg
AGR Allison Grimstad
AJJ Alf-Jørgen Jørgensen
AKE Andre Kelle
AKR Anders Kragh
ALU Åse Lunde
ANO Anders Olstad
AOR Anders Oreddson
ARE Arve Regland
ARK Arnstein Killingtveit
ARY Arild Rygg
ASM Atle Smeby
ASV Alexander Svendsen
AVA Arild Vavik
AVE Are Vestrum
AWV Arild Wiederstrøm-Veidung
BBA Bård Bakkejord
BBR Bjørn Basse Rollheim
BES Benedikte Espeland
BFR Beth Frøholm
BJO Bergfrid Johannesen
BOK Bjørn Ove Kvello
BTO Bente Aase Todnem
BAA Beate Aasen
CER Christopher Ertvaag
CHA Cato Haug
CJE Christine Myrvold Jensen
CKJ Cecilie Kjerringvåg
CRO Carina Røgden
CRØ Cecilie D.B Røsandhaug
CVA Cathrine Vaar Austheim
CWR Christian W.Rustand
DHE Daniel Hedenstrøm
DOV Dag Christer Øverland
EBA Erik Bergendahl Andresen
EBL Einar Blakstad
EBO Einar Børve
EGD Eline Gedde-Dahl
EIZ Evija Izaka
EKA Espen Karlsen
EKO Elisabeth Kolflaath
EMO Eli Hanto Moen
ENE Erling Nedkvitne
ESC Espen Schaug
ESG Erik Seland Gomsrud
ESJ Eirik Jacobsen
ESK Espen Kristiansen
ETH Espen Thorp
EVS Eva Strømsnes
FBO Frode Bostadløkken
FEA Frank Ålberg
FEH Frode Halvorsen
FHA Fitim Halilaj
FHE Fredrik Helmen
FRH Frank Randel Helgesen
FRØ Frank Rødal
GAK Gine Andrea Kronberg
GDT Gaute Dammen Tyssebotn
GGR Gro Ann Grimsmo Askheim
GGU Glenn Gustavsen
GKJ Gunnhild Kjos
GPA Geraldo Paulina
GSO Geir Solheim
GTH Geir Thune
GAA Grete Aasbrein
HAH Harald Herlufsen
HAL Harald Allertsen
HAR Ketil Hartwg
HAU Harald Haugerud Ekstern
HBN Henning Berger-Nordtvedt
HEM Henrik Melder
HEN Henning Stalsberg
HER Helene Remmem
HES Håvar Haugen Espelid
HGA Hebert Garcia
HGR Helen Mari Caronte Grønland
HHE Halvor Helliesen
HHS Henriette Helene Standnes Brochmann
HJB Hans-Jacob Brandt
HKN Herald Andre Knutsen
HKO Helge Koppang
HLE Hien Tran Le
HMI Heidi Bjerkmo
HOF Kjetil Hoff
HOS Hallgeir Østrem
HPL Hans-Petter Lien
HPS Hans Petter Skogstad
HST Helge Stugård
HUS Tom Husby
HWS Henrik W. Sutterud
IHV Ingebjørg Holm Vogt
IKS Ida Schlotterbeck
IRA Ida Kristine Rande
ISU Inge Surland
IWE Lovisa Westman
IAA Inger Aas
JBA Jørgen Bartnes
JEL Joe Erlend Langeland
JF2 Jo Håvard Frengen
JHE Jan Tore Herfjord
JKI John Kirkholt
JLU Jan Terje Lund
JNO Jan Åge Norderud
JVL Joachim von der Lippe
JØB Jørn Bråteng
KAS Karianne Strømme
KEA Kenneth Aarnæs
KEH Karl Erik Helland
KEI Katrine Eide
KHI Kristine Hilberg
KHV Knut Olsen Hvattum
KIB Kjell Ivar Braathen
KJA Kjartan Aarbø
KJH Kjetil Haver
KKO Ken Jøran Konst
KKU Kenan Kulaglic
KLO Kate Yvonne Lofsberg
KMH Kaja Marie Hesselberg
KSO Knut Sørngård
KTR Kristin Trollstøl
KVA Kathrine Rønsen Vanem
LAN Lene Andersen-Berg
LBU Lirika Buzhala
LHO Lasse Hoel
LKV Lars Espen Kverne
LLI Leif Lindberg
LLU Lars Lunde
LMA Lars Martinsen
LNY Louise Nygaard
LOJ Lars Olav Jahre
LTS Linnea Tviberg Scharning
MAB Marius Breimo
MAK Mats Akselsen
MAL Margrethe Landrø
MAR Marianne Farholm
MAT Marianne Torgersen
MCH Marthe Marie Grimsrud Christensen
MDT Marianne Dahl Treseng
MEN Mikkel Enstad
MJO Marthe Jørgensen
MLA Mariann Halsvik Larsen
MLH Monica Ladegaard Hansen
MLY Marius Lynås
MOS Marianne Østerud
MRU Magnar Rusten
MSE Mette Sæther
MVI Magnus Vissebråten
MWA Maria Larsen Walgermo
MWI Maria Rosabelle Williams
NDY Nils Ove Dybsland
NER Nina Eriksen
NFA Nora Fause
NFR Nicole Freij
NVO Nicholas Vogt
OAG Ove Ågedal
OAN Ørjan Andersson
OBI Ole Bing
OER Øystein Eriksen
OFI Odmund Fintland
OHE Odd Hellum
OHØ Ove Høiland
OIE Odd Ivar Ekle (Erik Morken i Hent AS)
OQU Omar Mohammed Qureshi
OSÆ Olav Sætran
PBA Pia Bakken
PGJ Pål Gunnar Johansen
PHA Per Harald Hauge
PHE Pål Hermansen
PIV Per Iversen
POR Pål Oroszko
POU Per Ola Ulseth
RAM Ragnhild Amlie
RDO Rune Døhlen
RDR Ragnvald Drivenes
REM Roy Erling McKellar
RER Roger Eriksen
RES Resepsjon Entra
RESMA Resepsjon Malmskriverveien 18
RFU Rune Furunes
RHA Ragnar Haug
ROI Roald Øiestad
RPE Rune Pedersen
RST Reidar Steine
RUA Rune Andersen
RVR Roy Vraalsen
SBA Scott Babb
SDY Sverre Dydland
SEK Svein Erik Kaasa
SFE Sanaz Ormaz Ferdowsi
SHA Stig Hasselvold
SHJ Sturla Hjelmervik
SHO Stine Hostad
SIL Siv Larsen
SIR Siri Steinbakk
SJO Stein Johnsen
SKB Siv Kristin Bækkelund
SKJ Steinar Kjus
SLA Simen Langsholt
SLR Siv Lena Rishaug
SMO Silje Lillebø Mortensen
SNB Sverre Bjørndal
SNI Sverre Nilsen
SOH Sonja Horn
SPE Steinar Pettersen
SRA Sureshkumar Ramalingam
SSC Sindre Schei
STE Sigurd Stensbråten
STH Henrik Standnes
STI Steffen Tryggve Isene
STO Steffen Torp
SVH Svein Haakonsen
SWE Simen Westbye
TAB Tove Marie Abrahamsen
TAL Tajma Lozo
TAR Taale Arstad
TBA Tore Bakken
TBJ Thomas Bjørkesett
TEH Terje Hatlelid
TEI Tore Andre Eide
TEL Tron Elvenes
THA Trude Hårseide
THN Trond Harry Næss
TIS Torbjørn Isene
TKE Trine Kristoffersen
TKR Tom Krusche Pedersen
TLO Trond Løkseth
TMA Tom Øyvind Mauland
TNG Thuy Nguyen
TOB Tom Bratlie
TOH Torstein Håland
TOI Terje Øimoen
TOL Tore Lia
TOM Tone Kristin Omsted
TOR Terje Orsbye
TOS Tord Solvoll
TRB Tine Rustberggard Bjørn
TRI Tom Ivar Riseth
TRU Tommy Rustad
TSA Torstein Saksen
TSC Thomas Scott Lie
TSI Trond Simonsen
TSO Tine Solstad
TTA Tron Tangeraas
TTH Tommy Thorsen
TTK Tore Thagaard Kristensen
TVG Tor Vidar Gundersen
TVJ Tom Vidar Johannesen
VAR Vidar Arstein
VBR Viggo Brurud
VFÅ Vanja Fjelstad Åberg
VIK Vikar Hinna Park
VLI Victoria Emilie Lie
VSA Vidar Sagen
ØRU Øivind Ruud