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Entra's Customer Centre receives all enquiries and acts as a central contact point. When contacting us you can be sure that we will do everything necessary to answer your question or solve your problem.

The Customer Centre works closely with our various operations teams and coordinates the right personnel for each job.  You will receive continuous feedback and confirmation when the issue has been dealt with. 

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How we operate our premises

Entra’s objective is to be the best in customer experienced quality. We work closely with our customers every day and aim to provide efficient, predictable and environmentally friendly operation of our premises.

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Entra operates its properties with our own staff. Property teams consist of a property manager, technical manager and operations manager who, together with you, ensure that your working day is pleasant and effective. The property teams are also responsible for operation of the common and outside areas, building maintenance and contractual matters.

With a high level of technical expertise and an on-site presence, our operations staff ensure the premises function optimally.

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Satisfied customers

Figures from the Norwegian Tenant Survey show that in 2015 Entra obtained an aggregate customer satisfaction rating of 82 points against a sector average of 77 points. We are proud of this, but aim to be even better!

"We really like it here in Posthuset. Its central location and fantastic view give us a good workday."

Eva Mehus and Anita Pedersen, Posten Norge AS