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Why invest in Entra

Entra is a Norwegian property company offering investors Oslo-focused, high quality office exposure. Entra operates throughout the value chain and the business idea is to develop, let and manage flexible, centrally located and environment friendly buildings. More than 80 per cent of the Company's management portfolio is located on central transportation hubs in the Greater Oslo region.

Entra offers investors superior cash flow quality and stability with: (i) more than 50 per cent of rental income from AAA credit rated public tenants, (ii) an average lease contract duration of more than six years and, (iii) a consistently high occupancy rate above 95 per cent.

Entra’s strategy is based on three pillars: Profitable growth, high customer satisfaction and environmental leadership.

Project development has always been the company’s major lever for profitable growth, and Entra has a proven track record of developing and completing attractive and profitable new-build and redevelopment projects.

Entra’s vision is that the most satisfied people work in Entra buildings. Maintaining high customer satisfaction and maximizing lease renewal rates are top strategic priorities.

Sustainability is fundamental to Entra’s strategy and has been so for more than 15 years. The work is focused on areas where Entra can have the greatest impact:

  • Environmental leadership is one of Entra’s three strategic pillars, and its Net Zero Carbon strategy is set to contribute to the world’s carbon reduction targets whilst also focusing on the use of natural resources and circularity.
  • To operate Entra’s business and value chain in an ethical and sustainable manner is of key strategic importance and seen as a prerequisite for our license to operate.
  • Growing social value, health, safety and wellbeing in the company’s properties, clusters and communities is important and sensible from both a social and financial perspective.
  • Through investing in its culture and people, Entra continues to improve its business and competitive edge, as well as being able to seize the opportunities emerging in its business environment.
  • Portfolio market value of


    NOK billion

  • We own and manage


    million sqm

  • We own



  • Our occupancy rate is

    95,3 %


Key financial information



Knut Sørngård

Interim CFO

+47 909 74 579

Tone Kristin Omsted

Head of Investor Relations

+47 982 28 510

Tore Lia

Interim EVP Finance and Investments

+47 468 10 820