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Entra has a sound capital base and a strong cash flow, which provide the foundations for further growth in line with the company's strategy. We will at all times give our owners, potential investors and other market participants simultaneous access to accurate, relevant, complete and consistent information about the company in line with the Oslo Stock Exchange’s applicable IR recommendations.

Anders Olstad


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Tone Kristin Omsted

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  • 14.02.17 Q4 2016 report

    Presentation starts 08:30 at Biskop Gunnerus’ gate 14, Oslo

  • 27.04.17 Q1 2017 report

  • 27.04.17 Annual General Meeting

  • 12.07.17 Q2 2017 report

  • 19.10.17 Q3 2017 report

  • 09.02.18 Q4 2017 report

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Entra is a major issuer of bonds and commercial paper in the Norwegian market. See the list of outstanding issues listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. 

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Financial tables

All figures in NOK millions Q4-15Q3-15Q2-15Q1-15Q4-14Q3-14Q2-14Q1-14Q4-13201520142013Q3-14Q2-14Q1-14Q4-13Q3-13201320122011**
Rental income 437,2458,6423,4440,4449,2447,6442,3433,2415,81.759,71.772,31.632,3424,8419,6410,5393,7375,21.543,91.500,31.434,7
Other operating revenue 27,419,826,6165,8112,740,160,212,04,5239,7224,924,941,861,613,36,25,231,532,433,1
Total operating revenue 464,6478,4450,1606,2562,0487,7502,5445,1420,31.999,41.997,31.657,2466,6481,2423,8399,9380,41.575,41.532,71.467,8
Repairs & maintenance 23,517,08,17,721,412,212,26,726,156,452,565,912,913,17,326,715,265,966,262,0
Operating costs 37,830,734,326,225,028,514,727,324,6128,995,691,528,514,727,324,626,491,586,988,6
Other property costs 27,016,921,8158,7124,232,858,27,828,4224,4223,088,232,858,27,828,412,088,2117,1127,2
Administrative owner costs 45,436,132,554,163,748,354,560,566,7168,2227,0223,048,354,560,566,940,5223,1194,7186,0
Total operating costs 133,7100,896,7246,7234,3121,8139,6102,3145,8577,9598,0468,5122,5140,4102,9146,694,1468,7464,9463,7
Net income from property management 330,9377,6353,4359,5327,7365,8362,9342,8274,61.421,51.399,21.188,7344,0340,8320,9253,3286,31.106,81.067,81.004,1
Changes in value from investment properties 403,1521,5177,6715,6559,5364,8267,92,4-110,71.817,81.194,5-506,7354,3272,3-6,8-115,6-101,7-495,1129,0629,2
Share of profit from associates and jointly controlled entities 15,8-13,231,710,2-5,814,19,617,7217,344,535,6235,514,19,617,7217,37,5235,5508,7-28,4
Operating profit 749,8885,9562,71.085,3881,4744,7640,3362,8381,23.283,82.629,3917,5712,5622,7331,7355,0192,1847,21.705,51.604,8
Interest and other finance income 13,32,60,82,86,73,18,23,22,219,521,214,528,633,429,026,625,9109,998,2114,7
Interest and other finance expense -125,2-122,3-246,0-151,4-161,3-175,9-167,9-161,1-162,9-644,9-666,3-658,1-176,7-168,7-161,8-163,6-161,7-674,8-690,2-706,0
Net realised financials -111,9-119,8-245,3-148,6-154,7-172,8-159,7-157,9-160,7-625,5-645,2-643,6-148,2-135,3-132,9-136,9-135,8-564,9-591,9-591,3
Unrealised changes in value of financial instruments 79,2-85,5343,579,4-292,1-44,2-157,1-113,710,0416,6-607,0183,7-44,2-157,1-113,710,050,5183,7-272,0-208,0
Net financials -32,7-205,398,3-69,1-446,8-217,0-316,8-271,7-150,7-208,9-1.252,2-460,0-192,3-292,4-246,6-126,9-85,2-381,3-864,0-799,3
Profit before tax 717,0680,6661,01.016,2434,6527,7323,591,2230,53.074,91.377,1457,6520,2330,385,1228,1106,8466,0841,5805,6
Tax payable 0,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,0
Change in deferred tax 57,4-188,3-154,6-68,1-108,8-143,0-78,8-20,867,5-353,6-351,48,1-141,0-80,6-19,266,3-28,04,0-103,8-226,5
Profit for period/year 774,5492,4506,4948,1325,8384,7244,770,4297,92.721,31.025,7465,7379,2249,765,9294,478,8469,9737,8579,0
Acturial gains and losses, net of tax 25,62,70,00,0-14,8-10,80,00,0-6,628,4-25,5-2,9-10,80,00,0-6,60,0-2,934,80,0
Total comprehensive income for the period/year 800,1495,1506,4948,1311,1373,9244,770,4291,42.749,71.000,1462,8368,4249,765,9287,878,8467,0772,6579,0
Profit attributable:
Equity holders of the Company 765,6451,7495,4935,7337,8388,5232,967,6289,12.648,41.026,8449,1382,9237,863,1285,675,4453,4703,3564,8
Non-controlling interest 8,940,711,012,4-12,0-3,811,92,88,872,9-1,116,6-3,811,92,88,83,416,634,514,2
Total comprehensive income attributable to:
Equity holders of the Company 791,2454,5495,4935,7323,1377,7232,967,6282,52.676,81.001,2446,2372,2237,863,1278,975,4450,5738,1564,8
Non-controlling interest 8,940,711,012,4-12,0-3,811,92,88,872,9-1,116,6-3,811,92,88,83,416,634,514,2
* The numbers are restated as a result of a change in accounting principle for three properties from IFRIC 12 to IAS 40 “Investment properties” at 31.12.2014. The effect of the restatement is set out in note 4 to the quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2014 and in the annual report 2014.
** As Entra ASA (formerly Entra Holding AS) was established in 2012, figures for 2011 relate to Entra Eiendom AS. Entra ASA is a holding company and the differences between Entra ASA and Entra Eiendom AS are unsignificant.
All figures in NOK millions 31.12.201530.09.201530.06.201531.03.201531.12.1430.09.1430.06.1431.03.1431.12.1301.01.1330.09.201430.06.201431.03.201431.12.201330.09.201331.12.201231.01.1900
Goodwill 145,9145,9145,9145,9145,9145,9145,9132,50,00,0145,9145,9132,50,00,00,00,0
Intangible assets 15,048,046,240,934,330,131,331,030,936,330,131,331,030,935,736,316,5
Total intangible assets 160,9193,9192,1186,8180,2176,0177,2163,530,936,3176,0177,2163,530,935,736,316,5
Investment property 28.823,428.092,527.939,427.406,026.679,527.288,226.361,425.824,324.429,823.499,125.988,025.071,724.530,123.144,822.944,422.202,521.843,9
Property used by owner 7,07,07,07,07,06,76,76,76,75,86,76,76,76,75,65,86,0
Other operating assets 28,223,224,230,034,431,431,229,730,526,231,431,229,730,528,926,225,4
Total property, plant & equipment 28.858,628.122,827.970,627.443,026.720,827.326,226.399,325.860,624.467,023.531,126.026,025.109,624.566,423.182,022.978,922.234,521.875,3
Investments in associates and jointly controlled entities 2.788,81.121,41.170,31.121,81.074,51.076,21.000,81.146,01.128,31.100,31.076,21.000,81.146,01.128,3911,21.100,3502,0
Loan to associates and jointly controlled entities 0,00,20,20,262,40,00,00,00,06,70,00,00,00,02,86,714,2
Financial derivatives 530,3532,0425,3537,4550,1375,7328,1239,3203,5214,3375,7328,1239,3203,5203,5214,30,0
Other long-term receivables 52,750,761,364,548,951,243,448,863,16,8742,8730,7732,1742,8727,21.129,51.107,5
Total financial assets 3.371,81.704,31.657,01.724,01.735,91.503,11.372,31.434,11.394,91.328,12.194,72.059,52.117,42.074,61.844,62.450,81.623,6
Total NON-CURRENT ASSETS 32.391,330.020,929.819,729.353,728.637,029.005,427.948,827.458,225.892,824.895,528.396,827.346,426.847,425.287,524.859,324.721,523.515,4
Property and housing-units for sale 588,9556,733,950,7196,6278,9275,4277,5227,0120,2278,9275,4277,5227,0181,4120,20,0
Trade receivables 55,642,336,079,544,654,745,884,227,920,154,745,884,227,927,020,134,5
Other receivables 205,998,6118,876,5222,5204,3354,1128,195,849,9647,4797,2571,2538,1560,249,9105,6
Total current receivables 850,4697,6188,8206,7463,7537,9675,4489,8350,6190,2981,01.118,5932,8793,0768,6190,2140,1
Cash and bank deposits 211,7158,272,1127,2198,2140,6209,9219,2177,464,8140,6209,9219,2177,427,664,848,3
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 1.062,1855,9260,8333,9661,9678,6885,3709,0528,1255,01.121,61.328,31.152,1970,4796,2255,0188,4
Investment property held for sale 165,4150,0178,2298,81.550,8260,1275,2383,1388,2734,2260,1275,2383,1388,2401,6734,236,5
TOTAL ASSETS 33.618,731.026,730.258,729.986,430.849,629.944,029.109,328.550,326.809,125.884,829.778,528.949,828.382,626.646,126.057,025.710,823.740,3
Paid-in equity 3.739,43.739,43.739,43.739,43.739,41.729,31.729,31.729,31.729,32.145,91.729,31.729,31.729,31.729,31.729,32.145,91.414,2
Retained earnings 9.255,58.464,38.009,87.974,47.038,86.715,76.338,06.105,46.287,55.841,26.572,36.200,15.962,76.149,15.870,55.698,75.858,0
Non-controlling interests 358,7349,8309,2298,2285,8383,4387,2408,0114,698,0383,4387,2408,0114,6105,798,0119,2
TOTAL EQUITY 13.353,512.553,512.058,412.012,111.064,08.828,48.454,48.242,78.131,38.085,18.685,08.316,68.100,07.993,07.705,57.942,67.391,4
Interest-bearing debt 12.082,611.599,811.083,710.393,111.825,513.515,812.791,612.345,411.799,49.736,513.515,812.791,612.345,411.799,411.283,59.736,59.086,3
Pension liability 40,273,782,181,981,865,157,056,153,158,065,157,056,153,144,158,084,9
Deferred tax liability 3.324,03.363,23.178,53.024,62.984,32.897,12.757,12.673,82.515,12.528,12.844,02.706,12.621,02.463,82.532,62.472,72.352,5
Financial derivatives 1.120,91.136,0941,11.273,91.352,71.053,31.033,1900,0848,01.005,21.053,31.033,1900,0848,0832,41.005,2769,5
Other liabilities 196,3129,5137,9119,9129,0134,5160,8127,1100,1102,6165,4190,2154,9126,6125,6126,563,8
Total non-current liabilities 16.764,016.302,215.423,214.893,316.373,317.665,816.799,616.102,415.315,713.430,417.643,716.778,016.077,415.290,914.818,213.398,912.356,9
Trade payables and other payables 310,2282,8378,3483,7520,7523,6814,6809,6457,9379,2523,6814,6809,6458,1413,6379,2250,6
Interest-bearing debt 3.122,81.821,22.312,02.550,02.821,22.828,12.963,73.277,82.809,13.910,02.828,12.963,73.277,82.809,13.062,03.910,03.616,5
Prepayments and provisions 68,267,086,847,370,498,276,9117,895,080,198,276,9117,895,057,780,1124,9
Total current liabilities 3.501,12.171,02.777,13.081,03.412,43.449,93.855,24.205,23.362,14.369,33.449,93.855,24.205,23.362,23.533,34.369,23.992,0
TOTAL LIABILITIES 20.265,218.473,218.200,417.974,319.785,621.115,720.654,820.307,618.677,717.799,721.093,520.633,320.282,618.653,118.351,617.768,216.348,9
TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES 33.618,731.026,730.258,729.986,430.849,629.944,029.109,328.550,326.809,125.884,829.778,528.949,828.382,626.646,126.057,025.710,823.740,3
* The numbers are restated as a result of a change in accounting principle for three properties from IFRIC 12 to IAS 40 “Investment properties” at 31.12.2014. The effect of the restatement is set out in note 4 to the quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2014 and in the annual report 2014.
** As Entra ASA (formerly Entra Holding AS) was established in 2012, figures for 31.12.2011 relate to Entra Eiendom AS. Entra ASA is a holding company and the differences between Entra ASA and Entra Eiendom AS are unsignificant.
All figures in NOK millions Q4-15Q3-15Q2-15Q1-15Q4-14Q3-14Q2-14Q1-14Q4-13201520142013
Profit before tax 716,7680,6661,01.016,2434,6527,7323,591,2230,53.074,61.377,1457,7
Expensed interest and fees on loans from financial institutions 125,1158,0132,9145,1207,6164,6172,0150,8172,0645,0694,9687,5
Interest and fees paid on loans from financial institutions -119,6-157,6-147,5-158,8-236,6-153,9-193,9-155,3-177,0-583,5-739,7-705,4
Share of profit from associates and jointly controlled entities -15,813,2-31,7-10,25,8-14,1-9,6-17,7-217,3-44,5-35,6-235,5
Depreciation and amortisation 1,94,12,210,12,25,34,44,17,718,216,144,8
Change in market value investment properties -403,1-521,5-177,6-715,6-564,9-364,8-267,9-2,4110,7-1.817,8-1.199,9506,7
Change in market value financial instruments -79,285,5-343,5-79,4292,144,2157,1113,7-10,0-416,6607,0-183,7
Change in working capital 38,92,030,7-13,749,5-84,8-6,6-9,985,6-26,0-51,8-63,7
Net cash flow from operating activities 265,0264,3126,3193,7190,3124,3179,0174,6202,1849,4668,2508,4
Proceeds from sales of investment properties, companies and housing-units 52,113,8128,11.598,3255,365,1-0,2191,26,31.792,3511,4596,9
Purchase of business net of cash 0,00,00,00,05,60,0-32,4-186,50,00,0-213,30,0
Purchase of investment properties -131,90,00,00,00,0-287,30,00,0-0,1-131,9-287,3-592,1
Cost of upgrades of investment properties -237,7-217,4-289,8-165,8-333,9-235,5-277,3-259,8-252,3-910,8-1.106,5-998,0
Investment in property and housing units for sale -49,9-29,3-0,8-1,9-31,0-27,5-45,0-50,5-45,6-81,8-154,0-106,8
Purchase of intangible assets and other plant and equipment -19,9-4,7-2,2-14,0-27,7-2,8-5,4-4,2-50,3-40,8-40,1-101,8
Net payment financial assets -23,510,00,0-16,00,00,00,00,00,0-29,50,00,0
Net repayment of loans to associates and jointly controlled entities 0,20,00,062,2-62,20,00,00,02,862,4-62,2-5,2
Net payments in associates and jointly controlled entities -1.651,6-14,4-17,3-37,1-9,90,0125,20,00,0-1.720,4115,30,0
Dividends from associates and jointly controlled entities 0,050,60,00,00,050,029,60,00,050,679,6207,4
Net cash flow from investment activities -2.062,1-191,3-182,01.425,6-203,8-438,0-205,4-309,8-339,3-1.009,9-1.157,0-999,7
Proceeds interest-bearing debt 7.997,37.564,92.713,7850,04.609,31.720,82.610,02.970,03.040,019.125,911.910,010.412,0
Repayment interest-bearing debt -6.146,7-7.551,7-2.253,1-2.540,2-6.473,6-1.226,3-2.593,0-2.793,0-2.753,0-18.491,8-13.085,8-9.391,5
Proceeds from/repayment of equity -0,0-0,80,00,02.645,40,00,00,00,0-0,82.645,40,0
Dividends paid 0,00,0-459,30,0-710,0-250,00,00,00,0-459,3-960,0-416,6
Net cash flow from financing activities 1.850,612,41,2-1.690,271,1244,517,0177,0287,0174,0509,6603,9
Change in cash and cash equivalents 53,585,4-54,4-70,957,5-69,2-9,441,8149,913,520,7112,6
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 158,272,8127,2198,2140,6209,9219,2177,427,6198,2177,464,8
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period 211,7158,272,8127,2198,2140,6209,9219,2177,4211,7198,2177,4
All figures in NOK millions Q4-15Q3-15Q2-15Q1-15Q4-14Q3-14Q2-14Q1-14Q4-13201520142013Q3-14Q2-14Q1-14Q4-13Q3-13201320122011*
Market value of real estate portfolio (NOKm)** 29.598,528.756,328.085,827.688,628.357,927.748,026.831,726.404,024.963,329.598,528.357,924.963,327.748,026.831,726.404,024.963,324.729,824.963,324.264,823.144,5
Total area (Gross) 1.229.975,71.198.456,51.207.676,11.213.260,61.292.107,51.301.498,71.273.305,51.276.063,01.218.039,51.229.975,71.292.107,51.218.039,51.301.499,01.273.305,51.276.063,01.218.039,51.218.337,01.218.039,51.201.237,01.214.181,0
Occupancy rate of management portfolio (%) 95,094,594,694,694,694,195,295,095,895,094,695,894,195,295,095,895,895,895,896,3
WAULT (years)*** 7,67,47,47,47,77,77,68,39,27,67,79,27,77,68,39,29,39,29,59,9
Rental income (NOKm) 437,2458,6423,4440,4449,2447,6442,3433,2415,81.759,71.772,31.632,3424,8419,6410,5393,7375,21.543,91.500,31.434,7
Profit before value adjustments and tax (NOKm) 234,8244,6139,8221,2167,2207,1212,7202,5331,0840,5789,6780,6210,0215,1205,6333,6158,0777,4984,6384,4
Profit after tax (NOKm) 800,1495,1506,4948,1311,1373,9244,770,4291,32.749,71.000,1462,8368,4249,765,9287,778,8467,0772,6579,0
EPRA Earnings (NOKm) 141,3155,175,6140,5139,1130,8142,9142,168,8596,5555,0403,2154,7161,9144,475,8333,1412,1337,0336,2
Net cash flow from investment activities (NOKm) -2.062,1-191,3-182,01.425,6-203,8-438,0-205,4-309,8-339,3-1.009,9-1.157,0-999,7-438,0-205,4-309,8-339,3-600,5-999,7-1.238,2-1.052,5
Net nominal interest-bearing debt (NOKm) 14.639,612.843,012.901,112.270,613.889,815.835,215.222,515.199,114.350,114.639,613.889,814.350,115.835,215.222,515.199,114.350,214.212,914.350,113.462,212.645,7
Debt ratio (LTV) (%)*** 46,143,945,243,748,456,356,056,856,646,148,456,656,356,056,856,656,656,654,654,6
Interest coverage ratio (ICR) (%)*** 2,42,92,52,31,82,22,02,11,72,52,01,82,12,12,11,71,91,81,71,7
Equity ratio (%) 39,740,539,940,135,929,529,028,930,339,735,930,329,228,728,530,029,630,030,931,1
Net asset value - EPRA NAV (NOKm) 16.342,215.626,414.885,914.951,014.028,911.845,611.332,011.027,410.948,616.342,214.028,910.948,611.814,711.302,610.999,510.922,411.060,410.922,411.378,311.194,9
EPRA NNNAV (NOKm) 14.954,614.253,613.626,413.518,712.530,510.530,910.055,39.836,29.847,314.954,612.530,59.847,310.500,010.025,99.808,49.821,19.948,49.821,110.168,810.080,4
Earnings per share (NOK)**** 4,22,52,75,11,82,71.637,6475,42.032,414,45,63.158,32,71.672,3444,02.007,4530,53.188,64.946,03.972,2
Cash earnings per share (NOK)**** 1,21,40,61,10,91,41.428,81.300,2800,05,04,13.833,51,41.444,91.322,0818,51.058,73.810,73.346,62.903,3
Net asset value - EPRA NAV (NOK) per share**** 88,985,081,081,476,483,379.694,277.551,776.997,888,976,476.997,883,179.487,377.355,976.813,177.783,676.813,180.019,278.608,2
* As Entra ASA (formerly Entra Holding AS) was established in 2012, figures for 2011 relate to Entra Eiendom AS. Entra ASA is a holding company and the differences between Entra ASA and Entra Eiendom AS are unsignificant.
** Market value of the group's property portfolio including IFRIC 12-properties
*** As of Q2-14 WAULT is calculated based on the management portfolio, compared to previous periods where the key figure was calculated based on the total portfolio. See "definitions"
**** The face value was split 1:1000 and the number for shares was increased by 41,538,461 in 2014.
****** Cash earnings in 2015 is reduced by NOK 115m due to termination of swap contracts. The termination fee will be defined as a one-off item and will thus not reduce cash earnings as a basis for dividend for 2015. The cash earnings adjusted for the termination fee is NOK 1.2 per share in Q2-2015 and NOK 2.4 per share YTD Q2-2015, and EPRA Earnings is NOK 191 million in Q2-2015 and NOK 331 million YTD Q2-2015.
***** The numbers are restated as a result of a change in accounting principle for three properties from IFRIC 12 to IAS 40 “Investment properties” at 31.12.2014. The effect of the restatement is set out in note 4 to the quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2014 and in the annual report 2014.

About the share





Our top 20 shareholders




Dividend policy

Entra targets a dividend payout ratio of approximately 60 % of Cash Earnings defined as net result from property management less payable tax. 


Primary insiders

Entra defines its members of the board of directors and the management team, its auditor, as well as those with main responsibility for accounting, finance and administration in the company as primary insiders.


Registrar and auditor

If you have any questions regarding your holding of Entra shares, please contact our registrar:

Custody service/Issuer service
P.O. 1600 Sentrum
N-0021 Oslo
Phone.: +47 23 26 80 21
E-mail: kua@​

Entra is audited by:

Dronning Eufemias gate 14
P.O. 221 Sentrum
N-0103 Oslo
Phone: 23 27 90 00



ABG Sundal CollierTobias Kajtobias.kaj@​ 8 566 286 21
ArcticAnna-Karin Hempelanna-karin.hempel@​ 21 01 32 76
ArcticCarl Henrik Engel Sagstadcarl.sagstad@​ 21 01 31 00
CarnegieHans Rettedal 22 00 93 21
DNB MarketsSimen F.R. Mortensensimen.mortensen@​ 95 40 81 17
Goldman SachsJulian Livingston-Boothjulian.livingston-booth@​ 207 552 2838
HandelsbankenAlbin Sandbergalsa06@​ 8 701 80 16
HandelsbankenMarcela Klangmazi02@​ 8 701 51 18
KempenRobert Woerdemanrobert.woerdeman@​ 20 348 8458
Pareto SecuritiesFredrik Steinslienfs@​ 48 05 53 23
SwedbankPeter Hermanrudpeter.hermanrud@​ 23 23 82 53




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Re-opening bond issue
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New lease contract with Deloitte in Media City Bergen
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Key information relating to the proposed cash dividend by Entra ASA
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Strong income and value development, proposing semi-annual dividend of 1.75 per share
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New lease contract with IBM in Sundtkvartalet in Oslo
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Invitation to presentation of financial results for Q4/FY 2016
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New and extended 10-year lease contract with Norconsult in Sandvika
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Sale of Entra's 45,000 sqm Kristiansand portfolio
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New lease contracts with Regus in Oslo and Bergen
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Issues commercial paper
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Sale of Moloveien 10 in Bodø and Kongens gate 85/Erling Skakkesgate 60 in Trondheim
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Building a new Powerhouse at Brattørkaia in Trondheim
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Entra: Signed new lease contracts with The Directorate of Norwegian Customs. The rehabilitation project in Strømsveien 96 is now 100 % let
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  • Green Bond Investor Presentation


  • Swedbank property seminar, June 2015
  • Kempen investor conference, June 2015
  • IPO presentation Eiendomsdagene 2015


  • IPO prospectus 201


Entra is a major issuer of bonds and commercial paper in the Norwegian market. Below is a list of outstanding issues.

The group’s nominal interest-bearing debt as at 30.09.2016 was NOK 17 704 million

Composition of interest-bearing debt as of 30.09.2016

Bank loans subsidiaries (11 %)Bonds listed at OSE (52 %)Drawn bank loans (19 %)Commercial paper (11 %)Secured Bond 2030 (6 %)

Below is a list of outstanding issues listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Bond issues

Documentation for outstanding issues

Green Bond Issue 2016–2023 ISIN NO 0010774797


Bond Issue  2016–2023 ISIN NO 0010766389


Bond Issue 2016–2021 ISIN NO 0010766363


Bond Issue 2015–2022 ISIN NO 0010740061


Bond Issue 2014–2019 ISIN NO 0010715931

Bond Issue 2013–2020 ISIN NO 0010686660

Bond Issue 2013–2023 ISIN NO 0010670995

Bond Issue 2013-2018 ISIN NO 0010673700

Bond Issue 2012/2017 ISIN NO 0010641806

Bond Issue 2012/2015 ISIN NO 0010662869

Bond Issue 2010/2017 ISIN NO 0010592363

Bond Issue 2009/2014 ISIN NO 0010552441

Bond Issue 2009/2014 ISIN NO 0010552458

Bond Issue 2009/2019 ISIN NO 0010552466


Commercial paper issues



Corporate Governance

Entra’s board has approved guidelines for good corporate governance in accordance with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NUES)

The following elements are central in these guidelines:

  • Entra shall maintain open, reliable and relevant communication with the outside world about the company's business and matters related to corporate governance.
  • Entra shall have a board that is independent of the group’s management.
  • Emphasis shall be placed on avoiding as far as possible conflicts of interest between shareholders, the board and management.
  • Entra shall have a clear division of work between the board and management.
  • Equal treatment of shareholders.

Articles of Association
Corporate Governance Guidelines

IR policy


General meeting

The board shall arrange for as many shareholders as possible to be able to exercise their rights to participate in the company's general meeting, and for the general meeting to be an effective meeting place for shareholders and the board, through, among other things, ensuring that:

  • the notice and agenda documents for the general meeting, including the election committee's recommendations, are published on the company's website at the latest 21 days before the general meeting is to be held.
  • agenda documents are sufficiently detailed for shareholders to be able to take a position on all matters that are to be considered.
  • the deadline for notice of attendance is to be set as close to the meeting as practically possible and in accordance with the provisions in the Articles of Association.
  • the board and the person chairing the meeting shall ensure that the general meeting is able to vote on each of the candidates for appointment to the company's governing bodies.
  • the board, election committee and auditor attend the general meeting.
  • routines are in place to ensure that the person chairing the general meeting is independent.


General meeting 2016

Annual general meeting in Entra ASA will be held 28. April 2016 at 09:30 am at Biskop Gunnerus' gate 14.

Notice of Annual General Meeting in Entra ASA

Link to registration

The Nomination Committee’s recommendation

Long term incentive stock plan for senior management

Share savings plan for employees in Entra

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Entra ASA


General meeting 2015

Annual general meeting in Entra ASA was held 29. April 2015

Notice of Annual General Meeting in Entra ASA

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Entra ASA



Nomination committee

According to Entra’s articles of association the company shall have a nomination committee composed of up to five members. The members of the nomination committee, including the chair of the nomination committee, are elected by the general meeting for a period of up to two years. The nomination committee shall give its recommendation to the general meeting regarding election of shareholder-elected members to the board of directors and members of the nomination committee, as well as remuneration to members of the board of directors and the nomination committee.

Members of the nomination committee:

John Giverholt (chairman) 
Hege Sjo
Rolf Roverud

Contact the nomination committee

Letter from the nomination committee

Audit committee

The audit committee shall act as a preparatory body and support the board in the exercise of its responsibility relating to financial reporting, auditing, internal controls, compliance with ethical guidelines and overall risk management.

Members of the audit committee:

Arthur Sletteberg (chairman)
Widar Salbuvik
​Katarina Staaf

Remuneration committee

The purpose of the remuneration committee is to act as a preparatory body for the board’s consideration of compensation issues.

Members of the remuneration committee:

Siri Hatlen (chairman)
Kjell Bjorland