Entra develops, lets and manages attractive and environmentally friendly buildings, as well as engaging in active portfolio management through the purchase and sale of properties. We own and manage approximately 1.3 million square metres distributed over 92 buildings. Each day more than 30,000 people work in buildings owned by Entra. At the end of the third quarter of 2018 the real estate portfolio had a market value of NOK 45 billion. Entra’s strategic areas of concentration are Oslo and the surrounding region, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. (All numbers as of Q3 2018)

Key facts

As at Q3 2018 

Portfolio market value of
NOK billion
We own and manage
million sqm
We own
Our occupancy rate is
Our lease contracts have on average
years remaining lease term
Public sector represents
of our customers

Number of properties

Management portfolio (80)Project portfolio (5)Land and developements (7)

Market value of the property portfolio

Management portfolio (92 %)Project portfolio (6 %)Development sites (2 %)

Regional distribution of the management portfolio by number of properties

Oslo (53 %)Trondheim (11 %)Bergen (9 %)Stavanger (6 %)Sandvika (11 %)Drammen (10 %)

Regional distribution of the management portfolio by market value

Oslo (65 %)Trondheim (9 %)Bergen (9 %)Stavanger (5 %)Sandvika (7 %)Drammen (5 %)